About KMC Lawnturf

KMC Lawnturf has been providing high quality lawn turf to customers across Munster for over 13 years. The company is owned by Kieran McCarthy, an expert in the sod growing sector.

Our lawn turf is 100% grown on-site, cut and priced to order. This maximises the freshness and quality of the grass.

Once ordered, you have a choice of whether we lay your lawn for you or if you wish to roll out your own lawn, Kieran will talk you through the grass laying process. You can also refer to the page ‘How to Lay your own Lawn Turf’ on this website.

At KMC Lawnturf, we are known for our expert knowledge, competitive prices and after-sales service or customer care. We take pride in the positive feedback received and repeat business. 

KMC Lawn Turf is a local Irish Business and very proud of its product and service. 

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