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If you require a lawn for your home garden but want to bypass the hassle of growing the lawn from seed yourself, KMC Lawn Turf will give you the perfect quality lawn in an instant.

KMC Lawn Turf is a multi-purpose roll out lawn.  KMC Lawnturf can be purchased from the main depo in Kinsale.  Alternatively KMC can deliver the turf direct to your door or KMC can lay the lawn turf for you, saving you time and energy. All you need to do is watch, then enjoy!

At KMC Lawn Turf, we sell Lawn Turf/Grass Sod all year round, so your Lawn Turf can be laid at any time of the year, including the winter season. This means no more waiting for the good weather before tending to your garden  KMC Lawn Turf is not just for the professional gardeners it is for any one who wants their lawn to look outstanding!

KMC Lawn Turf can be delivered direct to your door for convenience and to ensure 100% freshness. You’ll also gain from the benefit of having an expert share a few tips about your perfact lawn at the same time.

Growing quality grass and laying turf is what we do well and we’re committed to providing an exceptional service and competitive prices to homeowners.

Contact us today for your instant lawn, KMC Lawn Turf is renowned for its unrivialled quality, performance and value.

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