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Random into which family homes, stone tables, fishpond wells, flowers, fruits, or rockery Nagareizumi, Gallery between the Office of Taiwan, whitewashed wall grilles, the diplomatic dissolved, giving people unlimited reverie. Either a building, all with the overall coordination of aggregation settings, demonstrating the patriarchal family ethic of filial piety and folk cultural connotation Fluke fiscal Jubilee. Patio courtyard to the main building to the corridor, Huaqiang buildings around the main building, through the alley, galleries, gates shortcut shapes moving line, separated by transparent tailgate doors, railings straight, curved gallery room quiet. Some people also use alleys angle of the land, set up a small living room, small den or small building elegant rooms, high ridge cornices, small and exquisite. The middle of the hall, hanging with substantial nave scrolls, mostly birds or Zhijiageyan themes dominated the landscape, the right and left hanging masters of calligraphy couplets. Next set long Anzhuo, placed chime clock, East West mirror bottle, cap cylinder vases of various utensils. Among the wing, but also more hanging paintings, couplets, inside and out, revealing Confucianism home repair, poetry and educating people demeanor.

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