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I only said , your back , bring in your cruel and can not be . But, since the first time, choose a man slowly forward , it should be a person to uphold and continue until the end, until the end ...... as if bruised , even beyond recognition , but also worthy of the courage he had , worthy of their eighteen , and all eighteen next .

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Is without a doubt your lady best? Chu Qian sought after.
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So informed , filled Lihen , who drink ignorance, I do not know where is the next month , meaning even pen , ink grief , sun twilight Seogwi , who afterglow in the desolate , sad to yesterday 's oath , writing is assigned under who 's messy , that lonely sky , is not it still does not see a trace of clouds drifting away.

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Mustard and some friends to see, however , asked why the mustard , mustard smiled , but said nothing , shaking his head away.

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