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Grow, cook, eat and learn
Grow, Cook, Eat. It's a call to action, and the title of the school's just-published cookbook, written by local luminary <a href=>Cheap Jerseys Online cheap Bengals jerseys usa</a> and DPS patron Alla Wolf-Tasker with kitchen specialist Andrew Stone. Did you know what an artichoke was when you were in Grade 3? asks Burke rhetorically. I've had parents complain there are not enough recipes in the [school's] newsletter after their kids have pestered <a href=>cheap sports jerseys online philadelphia eagles hat</a> them to cook more at home. They're the best complaints <a href=>Cheap Jerseys From China Softvent Services Pvt. Ltd.</a> I've ever had and the reason we decided to do a cookbook. Well, that and some particularly sustained nagging from one of the program's star students, 13-year-old Max Anderson (see breakout). The book is no parish-pump exercise. It's lovely, <a href=>cheap nike nfl jerseys nfl jerseys factory</a> professionally produced, fun and readable - and not just for kids - and there are bonus recipes from kitchen garden champion Stephanie Alexander. Wolf-Tasker, whose rather famous Lake House hotel and restaurant is just down the road, says her aim was to make the book relevant to a wide audience. And so it is, with beautifully shot images and breakout chef's tips that flesh out the recipes with basic skills and tricks of the trade. A lot of people are interested in cooking with their kids; they just need help, she says. Often, parents get so sick of the arguments with their children about what they will or won't eat that they either give up or fall into the trap of making everything sweet. But if you can make a habit of cooking something from the book together, once or twice a week, if you can make it fun - make the kid your sous-chef, get them to write out a menu - then sit down and share dinner free of distractions like the TV and the mobile phone, then all the evidence shows they will eat, and the arguments will fall away. And if you can grow something together, too? Go to the top of the class. The incalculable benefits of teaching children about food from the ground up, literally, have been the driving force behind the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation since its launch as a pilot project in Melbourne in 2001. Twelve years on, it has grown like mint: Daylesford Primary is one of more than 400 schools nationwide, totalling just under 50,000 students, to have received support from the foundation for the installation of vegetable gardens, working kitchens and a sustainable food curriculum. Nearly 200 schools have joined the program this year, a spike foundation chief executive Ange Barry attributes to the introduction last year of a more affordable, more flexible model dispensing with the need to hire new staff in favour of <a href=>Wholesale Jerseys personalized nfl jerseys</a> training current staff in the relevant skills. As a foundation school since 2008, Daylesford operates under the previous model and now relies on community fundraising efforts to cover the considerable cost of hiring a kitchen specialist and garden specialist. If it were not for the generosity of the local community, the garden would not be here, says Burke. With luck, the cookbook will help support the next two years. As Wolf-Tasker writes in her foreword to the book, when the garden was planted in 2008 there was only a small group of believer parents (and one very dedicated principal). The misconception of some parents was that it was just leisure time for the kids, something extra-curricular, she says. But we've realised there is a 'hidden curriculum' to a kitchen garden. The kids become good at other things, too. But of course. Since when was education on the provision of our daily food considered anything but fundamental? As Wolf-Tasker writes, the pressures of modern life have increasingly relegated the shopping and cooking experience to something with considerable nuisance value. Producing a family meal is something to be fitted in - if it's done at all - and too many children are learning to eat mostly processed foods in front of the television, in the car, or at the computer. Can we stem the tide? she asks. Engaging a new generation in the pleasures of growing, cooking and sharing of food has to be a necessary fundamental for change. Grow, Cook, Eat, by Alla Wolf-Tasker and Andrew Stone, is available at and at various retail outlets in the Daylesford region. $29.95. Go online to see a recipe for carrot and pinenut muffins. * * *<br>Questions for Max Anderson, Daylesford Primary School student, aged 13Q: What's the best part of the Kitchen Garden program? A: I love how we grow it, pick it, cook it and eat it. Q: Have you started cooking at home? A: Yes, I do cook at home, up to three times a week. My favourite thing to cook are soups. Q: Have you started a vegetable garden at home? A: Yes, I do have a veggie garden. I have a bunch of rhubarb that's going mad, lots of herbs, silverbeet, brown onions, spring onions and I've just planted beans. Q: Have you seen the new cookbook yet? What's it like? A: Mum's already purchased four, one for us and <a href=>NFL Jerseys Supply cheap nike Saints jerseys</a> others for presents. I'm not sure which recipe I'll cook first, but I'll probably cook nearly all of them in the end. There are more than 80 recipes. Everything about it is brilliant! Q: Do you want to be a chef when you grow up? A: I have thought about this question and people say it is a very stressful and time-consuming job. I'm still thinking. &nbsp;

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